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Now available from 3-A Sanitary Standards – the new, updated version of the 3-A Accepted Practice for a Method of Producing Culinary Steam, Number 609-03 of November 21, 2004.

The latest version of 609-03 now applies to all food products. The 3-A Accepted Practice for a Method of Producing Culinary Steam – “shall mean steam …. that is in direct contact with food products, other comestibles or product contact surfaces.” See paragraph B1 in ‘Definitions’.

Culinary filtration of steam at low pressures can only, really, be done economically with high flow capacity, high dirt capacity, low-pressure drop, and fully cleanable and reusable, culinary steam filters from Ultrapar. For mass flow and sizing information, ask for our ‘Supplement 1 - Filtration of Steam at Low Pressures – 5 to 25 PSIG.

A Case Study in low-pressure steam filtration. You want to filter steam for culinary quality with a mass flow of 1000 PPH [pounds per hour] at 20 PSIG and a MAXIMUM pressure, after the filter, of 15 PSIG at the steam injection point. Our 2” FNPT, 1 micron, cleanable, the culinary steam filter is doing the job most satisfactorily